Puppy Obedience



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17 Nov - 21 Dec 19, Sundays at 2pm

5 Jan - 9 Feb 2020, Sundays at 12pm

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PRIVATE CLASSES starting any time, depend on your availability

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Puppy Obedience Training aims to provide proper house training and socialization, as well as to prevent bad habits like jumping on people, nipping, and barking. Unwanted behaviours are easier to correct at the puppy stage, when the brain is still in the learning phase.

Once you have completed the Puppy Training with your dog, you will:

  • Recognize unwanted behaviours and know how to control them

  • Be introduced to Basic Obedience and socialization

  • Walk properly on leash

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Come on cue

  • Watch

  • Stay in a sit and down position

  • In your house (crate or bed)

  • No bites

  • How to properly correct our pup

  • Family bounding

  • Socialization to maximum!

Socialization is crucial at the puppy stage, and it starts the day you first bring him home. During Puppy Training, your dog will be exposed to other dogs, humans, farm animals, water, different noises, and much more. All lessons are interactive and based on games. This is a fun course where laughter and play are encouraged. A minimum of age of 3 months old is required.

Group and Private Lessons are available. 


Basic obedience training




Next classes start:  

27 Oct - 1 Dec 2019, Sundays at 4pm

17 Nov - 21 Dec 2019, Sundays at 3pm

5 Jan - 9 Feb 2020, Sundays at 1pm

PRIVATE CLASSES starting any time, depend on your availability

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Wouldn’t it be amazing to call your dog and have her running towards you immediately? Wouldn’t you love to have your dog walking right at your heel, or looking at you when you ask? And what about knowing your dog will stay in a specific spot when you tell her to, so you can bring groceries inside without worrying that she will dart out the door?

Once you have completed the Basic Obedience with your dog, you will have mastered the following basic commands:

  • Walk with your dog at heel

  • Sit at heel

  • Down at heel

  • Come on cue

  • Heel after coming on cue

  • Stay in a sit or down position and you move away

  • Watch and keep watching (Focus work)

  • And more!

At Beyond My Leash, we take this course seriously. It is very interactive: every lesson helps strengthen the bond with your dog. Without obedience and focus, you can not correct behaviors or work in a team. You will be amazed to see how you and your dog will change. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing your dog looking at you with respect and complete complicity.

Not all dogs are well suited for group classes. That’s why we offer this training in private as well as in a group setting. If we determine that a private session is best for your dog, we will build a personalized program to make sure it meets your needs and your dog’s need. 

advanced obedience 



Group classes start

Advance Obedience: 

5 Jan - 2 Feb 19, Sundays at 11am

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PRIVATE CLASSES starting any time, depend on your availability

Must have passed our Basic Obedience to attend to this class.


Advanced Obedience is for dogs who have completed Basic Obedience and are looking for a new challenge.

During Advanced Obedience, you will learn to do all the Basic and intermediate Obedience cues completely off leash:

  • Heel off leash

  • Down and sit from a distance (off leash)

  • Drop on recall (off leash)

  • Sit, down and stay while in motion (off leash)

  • Stay in motion (off leash)

  • And more!

Imagine you’re at the off-leash park; is that not an awesome dream?

With Advanced Obedience, you will be able to give any command to your dog while he is playing: you say “down”, he will stop what he’s doing and will drop down. You call him, he will come running towards you, will go around you, and will finally sit next to your left heel, ready for your next command. With hard work and your commitment to the program, you can achieve this level of obedience with this course.

Everyone at the dog park will be stunned by the relationship you have with your dog. You can do it!



boarding school



The Boarding School is a boot camp for your dog. She will stay with me and my dogs for two weeks, and will work hard every day.

At the end of the two weeks, your dog will:

  • Know Basic Obedience commands (heel, sit, down, come, stay)

  • Be socialized with my pack of seven dogs

  • Be comfortable swimming (spring, summer, and fall only)

  • Be trained to run on a treadmill

  • And more!

At the end of these two weeks, your dog will return to your home and I will give you one hour of training to show you everything she learned. You will practice the commands, and establish rules and a routine with your dog. One week later, we will meet again to do a refresher. Then I will give you a certificate of graduation from Beyond my Leash.

Once you have your certificate, you can join my group class for a refresher at any time, at half the price. This is the best package to correct behaviour and ensure rehabilitation. Contact us if you have any questions or to book your free evaluation.


Boarding Only


Boarding services are available only for dogs which have graduated from the basic obedience training. Your dog will be boarded in the private home of the trainer and will live with her pack. We will follow your dog’s regular routine as much as possible. He/she will also get lots of play time, cuddles, and exercise. Your dog will be spoiled and happy during his stay. Cost is $40 per day, taxes included.




Pick me a puppy


Are you thinking about getting a dog, but you’re not sure how and what to get? That German shepherd puppy is so cute, but do you know how much exercise he will really need? What are his needs?

Adopting a dog is a big decision and picking the perfect match is not easy. Beyond My Leash offers this service to help prevent a dog from being surrendered to a shelter because his needs do not fit your lifestyle. Here’s how it works.

I will first meet you at your home to evaluate your lifestyle by asking you a series of questions. This initial meeting will take one hour. Based on your answers, I will create a family profile with recommendations on dog breeds that would be a good fit, including a description of their level of energy, common behaviours, temperament, etc.

Once you review my recommendations, I will help you identify what kind of dog you should adopt. Once you have found a dog, I will go with you to meet him and will show you how to read his body language. I will also give you many useful tools and documents to learn more about the adoption process. This second meeting typically takes one hour.

Pick me a Puppy is highly educational and a very exciting process. More than two hours of guidance can be requested, if needed. It will be my great pleasure to be part of this fantastic experience with you.

I met Genevieve when Kamen my male Rottweiler was 6 months old. When I got him back he was a changed dog... he listened to me, he followed the commands he was given. I couldn’t be more happy with the training. Genevieve, Kamen, and I have a great relationship and I know that if I have questions I can contact her and she’ll help me out no matter what. I would recommend her to anyone.
— Kelly