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Welcome to Beyond My Leash!

Genevieve Le Jeune is a Master Dog Trainer and Behavior Specialist for over 10 years. She has been a volunteer in many dog rescues but everything started  the day she got her new puppy, Duke. Duke is the big boy beside her in the picture above; he was the best dog she ever had. She rescued him from a puppy mill when he was six weeks old. At nine weeks old, he was sitting and laying down on command, and asking for the door. At three months old, he was peeing on command, dropping on command, heeling, and coming on command. At six months, he was fully trained and always off leash. Their bond was so powerful that talking was not necessary for him to understand what she needed from him.

When she saw his potential, she decided to go further and make him a rehabilitation partner for dogs with behavioral problems, especially fear-based. She worked with the SPCA and Humane Society to rehabilitate and train dogs. Her love of working with dogs increased every day. This is when she decided that she wanted to help more dog owners strengthen the bond with their furry companions.

Genevieve graduated from the Canadian Canine Training Academy in 2010 and from the Animal Behavior College in 2013. These two institutes presented different training techniques, which helped her to be more versatile in how she trains dogs. She firmly believes that each dog is unique, which means that what works for one dog may not work for another. She therefore adapts her training style based on the dog’s needs, using a different approach as required. She continuously learns and researches new techniques to offer the best service to her clients. There is nothing more gratifying in life that to see smiles shining with pride and happiness. She is fully bilingual and all services are offered in both English and French. Now serving East and North Montreal and Ottawa region.